Strapex has sales units and distributors across the globe allowing it to serve the market in all major locations with system solutions and services for securing goods in a variety of industries. It offers a complete range of products, from hand tools to installation strapping machines as well as all of the consumables required for each.

Strapex prides itself on creating and maintaining a close working relationship with all of their customers and suppliers. Strapex focus on specific market segments, which suit their strengths allowing them to produce solutions that are competitive and tailored perfectly to the customers specific needs. Strapex support all of their products with direct sales, guaranteed service by their own engineers, original spare parts, a original spare parts system and training for all of your service and maintenance personnel.

When you purchase from Strapex you get a guarantee of top quality, Swiss made, reliable products. From a company that understands the needs of it's customers and the demands of the market it's customers operate in.