Sealstrap Packaging originally traded as Irish Ropes Ltd which was formed in the 1930’s to manufacture agri. rope for the indigenous agricultural market. Irish Ropes decided to expand into the plastics market in the early 1980’s. They purchased a new extruded plastic strapping line and started to manufacture polypropylene strap. This decision led to the branding of Seastrap Packaging which has been trading successfully in the Irish market since 1982.

Sealstrap initially traded plain pp strap but soon developed their printing line which led to their unique positioning in the market with printed PP strap. Their main markets were construction and food and soon they were the largest supplier of PP strap to these markets. Over the years Sealstrap added to their range by adding steel and polyester strap along with hand and machine stretch film. They also supplied hand tools and machines for these products along with the added value of local service.

Sealstrap Packaging was merged with Signode Ireland in 2004 when under the ownership of ITW and from that merger we now have Signode Industrial Group Ireland.