H.Böhl, was founded in 1925, and has a long history of being the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality spiral wrapping and banding machines. H.Böhl machines are utilised to package products in a wide variety of industrial applications throughout the world. H.Böhl is widely known for its consistent high quality machines built with German precision and durability.

The spiral wrapping machines are designed for products such as steel wire, slit coils, pipes and profiles, timber, furniture, building products, finished wood and plastic profiles. The function of the plastic film wrapping is to secure and stabilise products and loads.

Through their range of banding machines H.Böhl provides tailor made solutions for the food manufacturing industry such as bakeries, meat producers and to other industries such as graphics, pharmaceutics and cosmetics. All banding machines apply a plastic or paper band around the product for the purpose of product marketing and theft prevention. The individual product bands can be printed in-line as an integral part of the production and packaging process and allows for applying varying product coding and information (i.e. bar code).